We offer Tree Care in Charlotte including regular fertilization and feeding. Our expert Arborists will oversee the feeding of your trees to keep them healthy. We service trees in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Surrounding Metro Area. Our tree health care services work to turn your yard into a healthy environment with proper organic enrichment for tree-growth.

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Tree fertilization and feeding is vital on a regular basis because trees in our cities and communities often grow in soil and other conditions that are highly unfavorable for the long term health of the tree. If you’ve ever wondered why trees grow so large and live so long in typical forest conditions without feeding and care by humans, it is because those growing conditions are very near ideal. However, this is not the case for trees in an urban or suburban setting.

One way to extend the life span of your trees – and thus the beauty of your yard – is with the regular tree fertilization service from Tim Young Tree Service. We offer expert tree feeding knowledge to residential and commercial customers all through the greater Charlotte metro area. Our professionals are experienced arborists who very much understand the importance of proper tree care.

Did you know that forest trees may live to be hundreds of years old or more, but the average city tree lives only 32 years – and inner city trees only on average seven years? But in this area, our trees are living in an incredibly harsh, unnatural environment. As a result, a large portion of our urban trees die well before maturity and never provide the aesthetic or economic benefits for which they were intended. Ideally, tree fertilization should be a year-round thing for growing trees, but we know that’s a lot to ask for busy professionals. That’s where our professionals can help.

City trees are generally in hard, compacted soil. Thus their roots struggle to grow sufficiently because of inadequate supplies of oxygen and moisture and due to an inability to penetrate the hard soil. Even if you live in a nice suburb of Charlotte, as trees age and grow, they need more care, not less. Older trees are sapped of reserves more quickly as they fight off disease, insects and the sort. In addition, periods of drought (which have been common in this area) intensify the soil and root problems. Constant tree feeding will make the trees stronger.

We use organic tree fertilization whenever possible. Although this does cost a bit more than chemical options, organic materials are safer and healthier for the trees and the people who live around them. Organics will only help the soil structure by adding nutrients. Thus the soil often can hold larger capacities of fertilizer and water. Chemical tree fertilization, on the other hand, really has no positive physical effect on soil structure.

Everything we use is safe, which is important if you have pets or children playing in the yard. We can complete a regularly scheduled tree feeding in just minutes without you even knowing we were there. The alternative is you going to a Home Improvement Store every few months to pick up all those heavy bags of fertilizer, lugging them home and then and spending hours in the yard doing that work yourself. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time sitting by the pool, playing golf, or having fun with your kids?

Once mature trees begin to decline, they don’t respond well to any corrective treatments. So don’t let your trees get to that point – use our tree fertilization service on regular intervals. A well-landscaped yard is not only a sense of personal pride, but a well-treed yard can add nearly 25 percent value compared to your home verses a home that has a barren yard. A tree feeding program has obvious aesthetic and environmental benefits, as well as the financial aspect of maximizing your home’s return on investment.

Call the experts at Tim Young Tree Service today at 704-491-8713 to schedule tree fertilization service anywhere in the Charlotte area. With us, you are guaranteed quality work with affordable prices. There are just too many benefits provided by trees not to keep them maintained.