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Tree maintenance scheduled at regular intervals is essential to keep your business or home landscape looking lush. At Tim Young Tree Service, our professionals are experienced arborists who know what’s best for your tree, whether it’s simple pruning or trimming, fertilization, pest control or tree removal. It’s why we’ve been the choice of thousands of greater Charlotte-area residents and business owners to provide their regularly scheduled tree maintenance service.

Our experts certainly understand the aesthetic and ecological benefits that healthy trees provide. That’s why you should keep trees watered and mulched as needed, protect their roots and soil from compaction and contamination and monitor trees for any pest or disease signs.

For example, are you aware of the fall cankerworm problem on willow oaks in the greater Charlotte area? Last year, the city estimated that the fall cankerworm infested more than 73,000 acres (that’s nearly 40 percent of the city!), and the population has continued to grow for the past 20 years. In the spring these small green caterpillars hatch and begin to feed on the willow oak’s leaves. Will your tree die from this? Usually no, but if not contained, trees can be weakened by repeated defoliation which makes them more susceptible to other stresses, such as other insects and disease. You may have noticed the aerial spraying the city undertook in 2008 – that was for cankerworm.

City officials also have been asking residents to band their trees to help prevent the spread of these pests. But with today’s busy lifestyle, you may not have time to do it yourself. And that’s really the case for all tree maintenance – it goes overlooked in a busy homeowner’s life until there is a noticeable problem. Don’t let it get that far. By using our tree maintenance service, you don’t run the risk of costly damage with falling branches onto to your roof or a need for removal of your favorite but now diseased tree. We can prevent any future problems while also maintaining the aesthetic beauty. Did you know that studies have shown that a well-treed home can be worth up to 25 percent more than an equal home that doesn’t have a rich landscaping of trees?

If you do manage to find the time for tree maintenance, that’s great. But we can’t tell you the amount of times that we’ve seen amateurs nearly ruin a tree by over-pruning or trimming the wrong branches. And there are the safety concerns with trimming those heavy branches as well, especially the ones high up. So leave the tree maintenance to the professionals. You’ll be surprised at what a wise investment this will be – and also surprised at what little of an investment it takes.

Even if you aren’t the type of person to dedicate their life to living “green,” the impact that trees can have are indisputable to our environment. And in city settings, trees help with cooling, using carbon dioxide from the air and reducing water runoff and soil erosion. Oh, and they make that landscape look tremendous.

Where would we be without trees? That’s why you should schedule regular tree maintenance with the experts at Tim Young Tree Service. Remember, our professionals are experienced arborists who understand better than anyone the importance of proper tree care.

Give us a call today at 704-491-8713 for your tree maintenance needs anywhere in the greater Charlotte area – let’s keep that landscape looking healthy and green.