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We provide expert Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Surrounding Metro Area. Contact Tim Young Tree Service for great deals on tree removal and backyard landscaping.

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Clients tell us that our Charlotte Tree removal service is sometimes necessary to keep their landscape looking beautiful. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property you’ll want to have the tree removed before it falls or damages your house or other landscaping. It may also be necessary to remove a tree if the tree blocks the sun to the detriment of your lawn, shrubs or other surrounding trees. If this has become a problem at your Charlotte-area home or business, call the tree removal experts at Tim Young Tree Service.

Believe us when we say that tree removal is much more of a process than just cutting down a tree. To do it right and ensure no damage to other plant and tree life in your yard, not to mention your house or car, it demands a thorough knowledge of tree species and all the hazards associated with decay and disease in both live and dead trees. Our professionals are experienced arborists who are intimately familiar with all aspects of tree life and tree removal.

Tree removal is not a job for some random contractor who rings your doorbell – it’s a very technical and delicate process. It’s definitely not something you want to leave to an amateur. And also be aware that as a homeowner or business owner, you can be held legally liable if an unlicensed contractor is injured while performing any tree removal or maintenance on your property. We’ve heard horror stories of tree removal resulting in damage to property – with the “contractor” suddenly nowhere to be found. Even the transport of the removed tree can result in liability issues if not handled by experienced and licensed professionals. So please hire a professional for this job, even if you choose a company other than ours. But we are, of course, fully licensed and insured.

We also guarantee the work, job-site safety and we offer the most affordable prices in the Charlotte area for removing a tree or grinding a stump. If it’s a damaged or diseased tree, we will give every effort to save it if possible, and we offer regular maintenance and tree health service to help prevent any future problems. But trees are living things and will eventually die, just like anything else, so sometimes tree removal is unavoidable. We also offer emergency tree removal services if a problem occurs during one of those violent Carolina summer storms.

We can handle any stump removal and stump grinding project as well. Now, you may be procrastinating on that stump removal, but be aware that if left alone, stumps can last for several years and they are only going to get more unattractive as they age. As stumps die, suckers and shoots will continue to grow as well. Stump removal allows you to use the area immediately if you want to re-plant something.

Tree removal generally should be a last resort at your home or business, as trees not only provide aesthetic and economic benefits but also add value to your property if they are well-maintained. But if you are looking to put in a pool in the backyard or add a room to your home and need a few trees removed, or maybe that old oak is hanging dangerously over your home’s roof and it’s time to get rid of it before storm season, or for whatever reason you need assistance with your trees, hire the tree removal experts at Tim Young Tree Service to get the job done right, and safely, the first time. This is not something you want to take shortcuts on, and we certainly won’t.

Call us today at 704-491-8713 to schedule a tree removal estimate or with any questions you might have regarding a tree or stump issue at your home or business. We guarantee quality work, affordable prices and your satisfaction.