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Tree trimming can greatly affect the health of a tree and is best done by a professional. Many people truly have a green thumb and are a wiz in your yard and garden, but trimming a tree can be dangerous to you and damage the tree long term if not done properly. So, when you need residential or commercial tree trimming done right the first time anywhere in the greater Charlotte area, call the experts at Tim Young Tree Service. Our tree trimming specialists are experienced arborists, which allow us to guarantee you a professional job at very affordable prices.

We see it all the time driving through metro Charlotte neighborhoods: Residents on ladders attempting their own large tree trimming. That’s one of the most unsafe things you can do – so please don’t, risk damaging the tree, or worse, injury to yourself. For example, improper use of a chainsaw can cause a kickback, and if the chainsaw itself doesn’t seriously injure you, it probably will knock you off the ladder. If you are attempting to cut large branches, those can fall or shift very unpredictably if not cut correctly. Whether you use our service or not, do yourself a favor and hire someone who is a qualified and experienced expert.

As for the tree itself, severely cutting the wrong major branches can result in weak growth in the form of multiple branches that grow straight up through. This can damage the tree and it is not a look you want, either. And many amateurs will leave too much of a stub on a major branch. That eventually is going to die, which then leaves the tree open for disease or insects at that point of entry. Many times we’ve been called after an amateur has cut a branch but stopped just before noticing it was about to fall into power lines or onto the roof of the back porch.

Did you also know that if you hire an unlicensed tree trimming company – say, some do-it-all contractor who drives around your neighborhood leaving those fliers on your door – that you could be held liable as the homeowner or business owner if the unlicensed trimmer is injured while trimming your tree? It’s true.

Peter Gerstenberger, senior safety advisor with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), said in an industry release, “With thousands of dollars at stake, not to mention the integrity and appearance of your property and your personal safety, make sure you investigate before deciding which company you should hire. If the ‘professional arborist’ you hired to remove a tree drops it on your house instead of your lawn, it’s too late to confirm the company is insured.”

The TCIA also noted many instances of disreputable tree trimming companies causing damage to fencing, gutters, roofing, etc., and then they disappear, never to be seen from again.

So please leave the tree trimming to the licensed professionals. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we’ve never had an injury or mishap on the job. We’re happy to provide references from past jobs, and you can also read the many testimonials here on our Web site.

We all love our trees, and living in the Charlotte area provides us with a nice mix of northern and southern species. Our experienced arborists understand the importance of proper tree care and are familiar with any tree you will find in this region. That beautiful oak in your front yard will look even better with a little trimming and care from our professionals. And what’s worse than sitting next to the backyard pool only to have one stubborn branch blocking the sunlight most of the day?

Of course we will dispose of any branches or waste after the trimming project so that you are left with no clean up or inconvenience after your trees are trimmed.

For your entire tree trimming needs in the greater Charlotte area, call the Tim Young Tree Service professionals at 704-491-8713. Our motto is: “Experience the difference.” And we think you will see a difference in the look of your yard and with our professional, courteous service – not to mention our unbeatable prices.